How to apply patches


Ilustracija skidanja folije sa flastera

Remove clear, protective cover sheet from the patch.


Ilustracija lepljenja flastera sa frekvencijama

Place the patch on dry skin so that the paper part faces outwards.


Ilustracija vlažnjenja flastera sa frekvencijama

Hold a wet sponge against back of the patch for 30 seconds, then gently remove the paper part.


Ilustracija hidratacije

For a better effect of the patch, drink pleanty of water.


Is the frequency patch safe?

The frequency patch is completely safe. It is not transdermal, which means that the physical material does not penetrate from the patch into the skin, and it contains extremely low frequencies that support our balance. This technology was conceived as part of a program intended for astronauts during their stay in space.

Who can use the patches?

Frequency patches can be used by everyone. They are suitable for both children over six months of age and for pregnant women. The frequencies support and stimulate our body to work better.

How do frequency patches work?

Our body produces energy that is sufficient to activate the frequencies from the patch. In contact with the skin, frequencies are “transmitted” through our body by means of water and other liquids.

Can patches be combined?

Combining patches will result in an even better effect, so their combination is recommended. Different frequencies do not interfere with each other.

How long can the patches be used?

The use of frequency patches is not time limited. Since there is no cure for some behavioral disorders, the use of the patch is recommended throughout life.

How long does the patch last?

The patch remains on the skin for 5 to 10 days on average, and the frequencies continue to “work” even after the patch is removed due to their prologed effect.

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