“I have successfully used frequency patches to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD, ADD and autism in children. Excellent results are also noticeable in attention disorders, dyslexia, tantrums… The patches are completely safe to use, which is especially important when it comes to children.”

Dr Biljana Uzelac
Pedijatar na klinici Green Pediatrics u Čikagu

“Two things seemed impossible to me before I tried the B.E. Well patches: that they work and I will recommend them.

Aleksandar Ilić

“Lately, due to the new situation, as a result of the bombardment of various information to which we are all exposed, I noticed that I feel restlessness and worry, and that it is difficult to concentrate.”

Milica Todorović
Dizajner enterijera

“The pandemic has put me in a state of acute stress. I constantly had pressure in my chest and a knot in my stomach, my breathing was difficult, and everyday life was getting harder. I put the first B.E. Well patch instinctively on the heart chakra and it was the first afternoon in a long time that I spent at peace with myself. Excellent first aid that is becoming my routine.”

Mariota Vlaisavljević
urednik portala „Zdrava i prava“

“Danilo is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with autism since he was 3 years old. He started using patches two months ago. The first thing we noticed was the improvement of attention. He has more attention in the communication, which is more and more frequent. He makes sentences easier, he is more communicative and in a better mood. Our experience is positive, we wish all the children and their families the best of luck in the fight.”

Jelena Đukanović
Danilova mama

“I want to share with the whole world that with B.E. Well patches, I manage to pull myself together despite all the chaos that surrounds us. I have the energy to get back into business at full speed, even though the whole world is telling us to sit back and wait.”

Milica Jevtić
Glumica & Beauty trainer

“The patches helped my 18-month-old son sleep better. He always woke up constantly at night. Sometimes every half hour. When we placed the B.E. Well patch on him for the first time, he slept through the night. We use it for 2 months and apply a new patch every week. His sleep has improved a lot. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

Dragana Milić

“For years I felt pain in my back, in the area between the shoulder blades. I tried to get rid of it with various treatments and therapies, without much success. With the Recovery patch, the pain disappeared within a few hours. I was so delighted that I immediately ordered B.E. Well paches, with which I now sleep much better.”

Ina Ateljević
Dipl. ing. agronomije

“My observations after wearing the B.E. Well patches are: more energy and stability during the day, and better sleep during the night. Just enough for a good general feeling!”

Jelena Jovanović
Instruktor joge lica

“After the car accident, I had a pelvic contusion, so I couldn’t get out of bed due to severe pain. As soon as I found out about Recovery patces, I got them and put them on. The pain was significantly reduced, and with appropriate therapy, I recovered quickly and easily.”

Miljan Ljujić

“When I put the Recovery patch on my injured finger, I felt immediate relief. B.E. Well patch is great for matches and competitions, when every athlete needs better focus and extra energy. I believe in the power of frequencies and that is why I continue to use the patches.”

Minja Osmajić
Reprezentativka Srbije u odbojci

“Muscle pain disappears within a short period of time after putting on the Recovery patch. We are very satisfied with the results. They are easy to use, and there is no pain. I would recommend all athletes to try frequency patches.”

Miloš Petrović
RK Trebjesa, Nikšić

“For months, the pain along my spine and in my hips has prevented me from sleeping and doing my daily tasks. I tried a lot of creams, but only the Recovery patch made a difference. I noticed immediate relief and after a while the pain stopped completely. I am evidently more flexible and full of energy!”

Suzana Ristić
Građevinski tehničar

“I had 3 spinal operations, and since 2015 I have been suffering from terrible pain. My whole life changed because I could hardly walk due to the pain that went down my leg. After applying Recovery patch, the pain almost completely stopped. Today I walk normally, I work for more than 10 hours at the laptop and all without pain! Thank you so much for this fantastic patch!”

Danijela Bijedić
Bankarski službenik

“I had a problem with the ligament of my right hand, in the wrist area. I was in so much pain that I could neither work nor drive.

Ivan Vučićević
Personalni trener

“I don’t know much about frequencies, but what I do know is that I feel good with the patches on.” So good that I forgot that I ever had any problems. The phantom pains in my bones went away, and my menstrual cycle returned to normal.”

Žana Poliakov
Pisac i kreativna direktorka Soulfood magazina
Well patches at the same time.

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